Video is like thought…it’s the closest to thought process of any medium.

What better way to make your message appeal to an audience than to deliver it in a medium that emulates their thought process?


"Look at something across the room (e.g.  the window). Now look back at your computer screen. Look back at the window. Now look back at the computer screen.

After the first look, you know there’s no reason to pan continuously from computer screen to window, and more than likely, you blinked. Your mind cut the scene to juxtapose and compare the two elements – “computer screen” and “window” – without irrelevant information getting in the way.

(John Huston)


a Creative Treatment of Actuality. (John Grierson)


Tells the struggle to survive of a biological catering service created and managed by the parent association of the public school “G. Moreno” in Granada, Spain. (2014).


Theater company Io Ci Provo, involved in theatrical production with prisoner actors, is on the way to a dream to come true: the creation of a public open theater in the Jail of Borgo S. Nicola district, Lecce. By relying on archive images of theatrical performance held in 2015 at the Margin Festival (Galatina, LE). Work in Progress tells the story of the company, the actors and the institutions involved in the experience of theater production in prison, the virtuous paths of change triggered by it, the daily practices and the needs that have led to the birth of this dream on the way to its realisation. (2017).


Events, Corporate, Performing Arts


Crowdfunding campaign for Archistart. (2017) 

Rainbow Friday - La Legge del Desiderio

LeA - Liberamente e Apertamente

@ Manifatture Knos. Lecce, Italy (2016)

La Expositiva - Espacio Cultural (Promo 2014).

Promo of the Cultural Center La Expositiva. Granada, Spain (2014) 

PPP - Passione Prigione Pietà e/o Porca Puttana Pasolini (Spot)

SPOT for the theatre company IO CI PROVO, Lecce, Italy. (2016)

Peter Hook Interview

Filmed for krillmagazine.

Peter Hook & The Light concert in Lecce (2016)

SkyJet Competition.

AquaBike World Championship 2015 - Castro (ITALY)

Video produced for Small Fish,